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The Essential Information For Travelers


The climate of Central Asia is extreme continental: cold winter and hot dry summer.The temperature may range 25-45+ degrees in daytime to 20-30+ degrees at the night (in summer). The best period for trip is: from the last part of March up to the middle of June and from the middle of August up to the last part of October. 


Very light and loose clothing (preferably cotton or natural fibers) is recommended for daytime usage and a light jumper or casual jacket for the cooler evenings. It is necessary to have comfortable, solid walking shoes with strong soles because you will have some excursions on foot in dry, dusty and stony areas. Sometimes you should take off your shoes on entry to some sites. There are no special clothing requirements for visiting Islamic religious sites but we advice you to cover the most parts of your body including arms and legs. You need to have sunglasses and hat with good protection from the sunburn. Please, be respectful to local culture and traditions. 


The dehydration is one of the main health warnings, throughout the areas you will be travelling, so you should have a steady reserve of non-alcoholic liquids (1,5-2 litre per day). The Central Asia spring water is high in mineral and metallic salts, so we recommended bottled mineral water which is rather “salty” and helthier than European one. Sunbern is another major problem, so you should have a sun-block and a hat with wide brim in your luggage. You may bring a supply of medicine also (aspirins, antiseptics etc. at your discretions). Please, advice us if you have any allergies or particular medical aliments which may require special attention during the trip and you should have a sufficient supply medicines prescribing  your doctor for the whole route. 


The Uzbek cuisine is a combination of vegetables, meat, pasta, rise and rich as usual. Therefore if you have any dietary requirements, please, advise us as soon as possible. 


Imported  liquor and wines are available, but they are questionable in some places, so we recommend you to purchase your favorite alcohol on duty free before the flight. 


The Sum is a national Uzbek currency.


You will be  pleasantly suprised with local handicraft jewelry, clothes, carpets and other souvenirs. There are no restrictions to export  modern wares. Only relic of the past  are prohibited to export from Uzbekistan. Please, ask your local guide on this matter before purchasing someone. 


220 Volt, AC 50. Plugs are the two-pin types as found in continental Europe. Adapters are available somewhere, so you should carry your own. 


GMT + 5 


Travelers may wish to express their appreciation reward for extra service to porters, waiters, drivers, guides etc. The degree appreciation may vary. Tip is given individually, usually, at the end of rout (service). 


  • please, wash your hands before meals (sorry to remined it but it is important)
  • do not drink TAP WATER, purchase bottled water
  • do not drink cold water before and after meals, only hot tea or coffee
  • do not eat fruits and vegetables purchased at the market before it is weakly washed
  • keep well hydrated with at least 2 litres of liquid particularly in deserts or at the altitude
  • do drink a lot of strong green tea if you should have a problem with stomach.

Do not eat anything. Immediately report to your local guide, please.

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